Hello and welcome to my website.
This is a personal mess of a site where you will find my ramblings about various things I like, mostly video games. Click the links on the sidebar navigation to browse.

This website was created in 2017, was abandoned for several years, and was then revived in late 2020. I wanted a place to be able to talk about the esoteric video games I enjoy (and some of my other interests), hopefully exposing more people to them in the process. My website was created entirely by myself with my limited HTML knowledge and lots of online research, but I am pretty proud of the outcome. Sometimes I cannot update the site due to being busy with things like school, but I will get around to it when I have time... eventually.

I hope you enjoy your time here.

WARNING! Some pages on this site contain flashing imagery and eye strain. You may also see drawn/video game blood, gore and horror. If any of these things pose a risk to you, or you are bothered by them, please turn back for your own well-being. Browse at your own risk! Thank you.

Site is best viewed on a 1920 x 1080 screen. Some pages are also image-heavy and could take a while to load if you have a slower computer.

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